The $14 Chicken

Months ago my work bestie told me about the “best chicken” she “ever tasted” – Griggstown Chicken. Griggstown is a small farm in/around Princeton, NJ.  I ignored her. There was no way that I was going to pay $14 for a chicken, and a small chicken at that!

I have always scoffed (been too cheap to buy) at the prices of all natural (antibiotic and hormone free) free range chicken. I don’t need to pay all that money for something I don’t even like! Chicken is my least favorite meat.

THEN, one of my favorite food blogs Serious Eats published a recipe for “Perfect Roasted Chicken.”I bookmarked the recipe and kept it moving.

A few months later, they republished the chicken recipe in their top recipes of the year recap. Apparently more people bookmarked that recipe than any other recipe Serious Eats had posted that year.

Today, I bit the bullet and purchased a Griggstown chicken. One of the first things I noticed that it wasnt super wet like the other brands I usually purchase (Perdue and Tyson). It was very easy to dry the chicken.

The skin crisped up beautifully with salt alone. The chicken was flavorful and juicy. My coworker was right – this is the best chicken I have ever tasted.


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