Summer Cocktails

With Memorial Day around the corner, I thought I would share some easy summer cocktails. Enjoy Responsibly.


This is exactly what it sounds like – mango juice and pomegranate juice.  You can make these virgin or with the booze.

  • 1 part “pom” pomegranate juice
  • 3 parts mango juice (I like to use the kind you buy at the Indian grocery store – Maaza or Looza brand)
  • 1-2 parts rum/coconut rum (optional)

Fill a highball glass with ice and add ingredients. Stir.

Henny and “Coke”

  • 1 part cognac
  • 3 parts coconut water

Fill a lowball glass with ice. Add ingredients and stir. Add a slice of fresh coconut for garnish!

Red Sangria

  • 1 750 ml bottle dry red wine (cabernet sauvignon/merlot/pinot noir)
  • 1 1/2 C Sprite or other lemon-lime soda
  • 1 1/2 C orange juice
  • 1/2 C brandy
  • 2T Cointreau/Grand Marnier/Triple Sec
  • 2 T Grenadine
  • 2 T lemon juice
  • 2 T lime juice
  • fresh fruit, chopped/sliced – your choice –  apples, strawberries, pineapples, oranges

Mix, Chill. Serve.

note:  if you use orange slices, add it right before serving. The pith can make the sangria bitter if left to sit. Everything else can be added ahead.


Passoa is a passion fruit liqueur.  These are a few easy cocktails to make with Passoa. Serve over ice.  All recipes are 1 part passoa and 2 parts mixer.

Mixer suggestions: Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Sprite

Real Margaritas

None of those gross mixers. Margaritas are very easy to make – just three ingredients: lime juice, tequila, cointreau or triple sec

  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1/2  oz cointreau/triple sec
  • 1 1/2 oz blanco  tequila

Fill your rocks glass with ice, add ingredients, stir! Garnish with a slice of lime. Get wasted. just kidding.

You can rim your glass with salt if you’d like. I opt not to. Or to do just a half rim. You can do this by running the lime around the rim of half the glass, then dipping it into a plate full of salt.  If you want your margarita a little sweeter, you can add simple syrup – maybe 1/4 oz.


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  1. These look so yummy. If I have a party i’m totally making you play bartender 🙂

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